Basic Information in English


The Family Sports Saturdays in Kuopio 2018-2019 -project

Project consist of three sections:
1) Family Sports Saturdays
2) Family Event
3) Future Evenings for associations and other organizations in Kuopio

All actions are participatory free and directed to families in Kuopio center area (sections 1 and 2) or to associations and other organizations, which organize actions in Kuopio center area (=area between Sorsalo and Matkus).

1) Family Sports Saturdays, starting 8.9.2018
- Adults have together with their children opportunity to try nine different kind of sports and opportunity to find at least one pleasant hobby
- Family Sports Saturdays will be implemented in co-operation with the Sport Association of Northern Savo and nine different sport clubs/partners. Each club/partner is responsible for the arrangement of four Sports Saturdays in a row.
- Participation is free and open for families with different backgrounds
- Sports Saturdays offer almost weekly guided acitivities for whole families. You can participate at the same time with children of different ages.

First sport is swimming and the first Sport Saturday will be in Niirala's public swimming pool (Hannes Kolehmaisen katu 3, 70110 KUOPIO) on Saturday 8.9.2018 at 16:30-18:30 (take your own swimsuit with you). You don't have to register anywhere before taking part.


2) Family Event 1.9.2018
- One week before the start of the Sports Saturdays there will be an organized Family Event in Kuopio-halli (Opistotie 4, 70200 KUOPIO) on Saturday 1.9.2018 at 10:00-14:00 during Kuopio Maraton
- Event inspires families to participate in Sports Saturdays and provides tips for family sport activities at home
- You may know Maltti & Valtti from TV? They will be also with us!


3) Future Evenings in Kuopio on Tuesday 20.11.2018 and 29.1.2019 at 17:00-20:00
- Project is piloting new types of Future Evenings (2) for associations and other organizations in Kuopio
- The main focus is generating ideas and planning a new, co-operative, low-threshold welfare service for working-age people in Kuopio center area
- There is also an educational part in these evenings